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The New-East Technology Destination

We know who we are and where we come from. Now we invite you to take a look deeper into the opportunities Bangladesh has to offer in the ICT industry. Just graduating to a middle income country, but a high -class ICT destination.

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These successful innovators can guide you

Robotics, blockchain, IOT are driving forces of a changing worldwide economy. Do you want to see how students are thought serverless and cloud computing by alumni of the largest companies like Amazon, Adobe, Google and IBM? Look no further and see the spin offs that operate now from Bangladesh in the areas below.

Need guidance? see our advisors who can guide you.

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World Class Universities Drive Knowledge

With an outflow of over 1 million students annually from universities like BUET, BRAC, Dhaka University, education stands at a high ground, and students from many countries come to do their masters and research led by fellows from Europe. Tap into the best supply.

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Easy steps to form your own ICT hub

Bangladesh has made foreign investment and the development of backoffices quick, safe and financially attractive. With 80 Tax-free EPZs in and around the country, government investment initiatives and a red-carpet welcome by Bangladesh bureau of foreign investment (BIDA), small to large scale backoffices in many areas can be formed quickly.

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Startup Scene

A thriving startup scene
in Blockchain, IOT, Fintech with an international market

A startup scene with international appeal
See some of our top picks and organisations

Properly digitising a business allows for advanced data analytics that improves operational efficiencies and better customer experience. That's the kind of move that makes Bangladesh as a whole more regionally and globally competitive," says Rahat Ahmed, CEO, and Founding Partner of a US-based VC firm, Anchorless Bangladesh. Anchorless, a newcomer to the startup scene that entered the local market during the pandemic, invested in two Bangladeshi startups till now -- Gaze and Loop Freight. But there is more, with a hughe home market and a mobile first infrastructure, areas such as Mobile Financial Services, Healthtech and AgriTech are just taking off. See some of the recent startups we like to follow.


ShopUp is Bangladesh's leading full-stack B2B commerce platform for small businesses (online and offline). They provide easy access to B2B sourcing, last-mile logistics, digital credit and business management solutions to small businesses. On September 2021, ShopUp announced that it has raised US$75 million in a series B funding round including investment from Prosus Ventures (AEX:PRX.NL), the venture investment arm of Prosus, along with existing investors Flourish Ventures, Sequoia Capital India, and VEON Ventures. The oversubscribed round is the largest Series B funding for a B2B commerce platform in South Asia. This new round of funding comes only ten months after the startup announced its Series A round of US$22.5 million. This round brings ShopUp’s total funding to over US$110 million, making it the best-funded start-up in Bangladesh.


Maya is dedicated to making it easier for women to get healthcare, especially for sensitive issues like reproductive and mental health. Now the startup, based in Bangladesh and incorporated in Singapore, is expanding into new countries. Maya announced today it has raised $2.2 million in seed funding, which is said to be the largest raised by a Bangladeshi health tech company so far. The round was led by early-stage fund Anchorless Bangladesh and The Osiris Group, a private equity firm focused on impact investing in Asian markets.


Gaze Technology
Silicon valley of the US is famous for all the tech and AI-related startups. It is almost like a hub for AI development. However, Gaze technology is an AI-driven tech startup right here in Bangladesh. with access to limited resources and funding, the company has been determined to make its mark in using AI and API integration to make Bangladesh safer. The company works to develop real-time tracking, facial recognition technology as well as a vehicle tracking technology.The company has worked with Dhaka Metropolitan Police to make traffic monitoring easier by integrating AI in the recognition system. The company aims to grab the international AI-led recognition market which is estimated to be valued at over 50 billion US dollars. Gaze raised seed money of over 830 thousand dollars to develop their AI venture.

Sheba XYZ, a startup success from Bangladesh, is taking its unique household service marketplace to beyond the country's borders after it signed franchise agreements with companies in Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. The Daily Star quoted: "Currently, is offering more than 60 kinds of services all around Dhaka city. Since June 2015, it has served about 66,000 customers. On an average the company serves 6,000 customers every month"

A healthy startup scene

The tech startup scene in Bangladesh is still in its nascent stage with more and more companies waiting to have their breakthrough moment. Some of the sources we love to follow are FintechBD, Future Startup and Startup Bangladesh . We would like to specially thank our advisor Ahmed of for his insights in the VC and startup culture of Bangladesh.

Latifa Akter Lina

Hello there! I'm Latifa Akter Lina. I have just finished my bachelor degree in Software Engineering. I always wanted to see myself as a designer. Though I was a bit confused about what kind of design sector I should choose as my career. In the end, I discovered my interest as a Website Designer and Developer. So shortly after graduating, I started working as a front-end developer intern in a renowned IT company named "Luminous Labs". Now here, I'm learning and experiencing at my best about the rapidly expanding and forward looking transformation of this industry. During the following years I want to pursue my master degree while contributing to this IT industry with my best and grow and adapt with its continuous changes.


See some ICT areas in which Bangladesh excels

Exploring the opportunities in the New- East tech hub is a journey we gladly take together. The tentative planning is globally scheduled as follows:


  • Preparation phase: Q4 2021
  • External communication: Q1 2022
  • participant selection: Q2 2022
  • Virtual sessions: Q2 2022
  • Trademission: Q3 2022
  • Continuation: Q4 2022

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