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The New-East Technology Destination

We know who we are and where we come from. Now we invite you to take a look deeper into the opportunities Bangladesh has to offer in the ICT industry. Just graduating to a middle income country, but a high -class ICT destination.

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These successful innovators can guide you

Robotics, blockchain, IOT are driving forces of a changing worldwide economy. Do you want to see how students are thought serverless and cloud computing by alumni of the largest companies like Amazon, Adobe, Google and IBM? Look no further and see the spin offs that operate now from Bangladesh in the areas below.

Need guidance? see our advisors who can guide you.

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World Class Universities Drive Knowledge

With an outflow of over 1 million students annually from universities like BUET, BRAC, Dhaka University, education stands at a high ground, and students from many countries come to do their masters and research led by fellows from Europe. Tap into the best supply.

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Easy steps to form your own ICT hub

Bangladesh has made foreign investment and the development of backoffices quick, safe and financially attractive. With 80 Tax-free EPZs in and around the country, government investment initiatives and a red-carpet welcome by Bangladesh bureau of foreign investment (BIDA), small to large scale backoffices in many areas can be formed quickly.

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Postproduction and Image editing

Exploring Opportunities in the
Content Post-Production Industry

Exploring Opportunities in the
Content Post-Production Industry

The Content Post-Production Services industry deals with the various processes that come into action after shooting is completed. These involve video editing, photo editing, TV Commercials and movies etc. The industry is estimated to grow by $10.07 billion in 5 years from 2020 to 2024, with an average CAGR of 7%. The market is dispersed in various regions, such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, etc. and vendors are vying for a share of this market.

See some of our top picks we like to share to inspire and guide you.

Bright River

Bright River is the visual content solutions provider of choice for many of the world’s leading e-commerce brands and retailers. By providing end-to-end, scalable solutions, from visual product content analysis and optimization to post-production image editing and CGI creation, Bright River empowers brands and (r)etailers to increase revenue through effective online merchandising. Bright River Bangladesh is a Dutch - Bengali joint venture that started as a partnership in 2007. Combining a highly skilled workforce with innovative and proprietary editing automation and AI, Bright River Bangladesh has grown into one of the largest Tech Enabled Managed Services centers in the industry. The company is lead by its founders Md. Riajul Islam and Muhammad Abdul Motaleb.



CutOutWiz, an image processing company, started its journey in the BPO sector in 2015 and within a couple of years it has become one of the largest companies in the industry. Currently they operate in South East Asia, Europe, and US markets, with plans to conquer new foreign markets such as the Middle East and Australia. Cutoutwiz embarked on an ambitious journey to diversify their service pool and entered the untapped arenas of Video Editing, Desktop Publishing and 3D images. In everything it does, CutOutWiz strives to be an example of success in this market of great potential.

Cycore Studios

Cycore Studios has been creating visual effects, animation, and design, applying its creative skills across various mediums. They produce high-quality 3D animation, AR/VR Content, and visual effects for feature films and television, game Cinematic & trailers, location-based entertainment, commercials, and integrated media. Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, they drew our attention since each and every one of their commercials are well known to everyone in the trade mission team. A high profile class A studio.

Maeesha Maliha

Hey there! My name is Maeesha Maliha. I have done my bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering with the goal of designing and developing software solutions in this rapidly expanding industry. I've always been interested in how technology and business strategy are intertwined. As I don't want to limit myself, so after finishing my degree, I jumped right into the IT industry. Started my career with internship programs and explored various aspects of the software world. Currently employed as a developer in a software and design company named Planet Nine. Working for an international company encourages me to gain international experience. So, during the following few years, I intend to pursue my masters degree in Europe while also exploring their technological sectors.

See some ICT areas in which Bangladesh excels

Exploring the opportunities in the New- East tech hub is a journey we gladly take together. The tentative planning is globally scheduled as follows:


  • Preparation phase: Q4 2021
  • External communication: Q1 2022
  • participant selection: Q2 2022
  • Virtual sessions: Q2 2022
  • Trademission: Q3 2022
  • Continuation: Q4 2022

    With an expert team of industry specialists we are ready to assist you to explore and guide you in your ict ambitions in any area.

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