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The New-East Technology Destination

We know who we are and where we come from. Now we invite you to take a look deeper into the opportunities Bangladesh has to offer in the ICT industry. Just graduating to a middle income country, but a high -class ICT destination.

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These successful innovators can guide you

Robotics, blockchain, IOT are driving forces of a changing worldwide economy. Do you want to see how students are thought serverless and cloud computing by alumni of the largest companies like Amazon, Adobe, Google and IBM? Look no further and see the spin offs that operate now from Bangladesh in the areas below.

Need guidance? see our advisors who can guide you.

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World Class Universities Drive Knowledge

With an outflow of over 1 million students annually from universities like BUET, BRAC, Dhaka University, education stands at a high ground, and students from many countries come to do their masters and research led by fellows from Europe. Tap into the best supply.

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Easy steps to form your own ICT hub

Bangladesh has made foreign investment and the development of backoffices quick, safe and financially attractive. With 80 Tax-free EPZs in and around the country, government investment initiatives and a red-carpet welcome by Bangladesh bureau of foreign investment (BIDA), small to large scale backoffices in many areas can be formed quickly.

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Ready to consider your next move? We have collected a group of experienced entrepreneurs, representatives of governmental, ICT and independent advisors ready to guide you in each and ever step. From practical matters such as recruitment and housing, legal and procedural concerns to cultural and practical aspects.

Maarten Roelofs, founder of Planet Nine B.V. of the Netherlands. "I've started my journey to Bangladesh 9 years ago. Our company delivers Digital Marketing and Advertising Services to clients in the Netherlands. I've seen the rapid development of infrastructure, education and ambitions first hand and can assist in many areas such as #culture #businessformation. Contact me through maarten@planetnine.com"
Dr Md. Mamun Rashid is a global technology futurist and data scientist. He has successfully led a number of innovative projects at CERN, University of Oxford, MIT, Imperial College London and King's College London in conjunction with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon (AWS).
Mamun helps global experts solve the diverse set of problems in IoT, Big Data, BlockChain, Smart Infrastructure and energy, covering a broad spectrum of Future Smart Cities. In his research career, he has successfully secured several scientific research grants. Mamun, rashidunb@gmail.com, is an expert in the areas of #education, #innovation and #research
Half Dutch and half Bengali, Akash Dobber has been working in the IT industry for the last decade as the owner of BJIT in Bangladesh as well as in The Netherlands. Akash lives in the Netherlands and will be hosting several of our webinars. Since Akash had led previous ICT missions, Akash, akashdobber@gmail.com, is an easy (Dutch speaking!) go-to partner to guide you in many areas such as #partnerships, #culture, #businessformation.
Nadia Tabassum, International Affairs of BASIS, handles international relations of software companies in Bangladesh. Nadia monitors and assists in the effective implementation of international business development activities and is the liaison/communication with different stakeholders of Government and private authorities. Contact through international@basis.org.bd for assistance in the area of #partnerships #regulations #research #government relations
Shahed Islam is a serial entrepreneur, passionate mentor and a cross functional global team builder. He currently is the CO-founder and CEO of SJ Innovation LLC with teams in India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and USA. Shahed, shahed@sjinnovation.com, has an excellent knowledge of the IT sector and knows anything about #scaleup, #technology.
Sami Ahmed is the Policy Advisor of the Leveraging ICT for Growth and Employment of the IT-ITES Industry (LICT-2) Project of the Bangladesh Computer Council, ICT Division. Mr. Ahmed's - contact through: Samiahmed74@gmail.com - core responsibilities include Bangladesh IT-ITES Industry promotion and Talent Development. Consult Sami for #talentdevelopment #governmentrelations #culture.
Tasnuva Ahmed is an Entrepreneur, Start Up enthusiasts, and a gender equality promoter. She is the Director and COO of one of the leading software development companies in Bangladesh with additional operations in Europe, Australia and US. Having travelled 25% of the world and pursued advanced degrees in internationally recognized institutions, Tasnuva help to build bridges connecting global and domestic technology markets through her networking. Amongst her many passions, one that she strongly possesses is that she is a prominent advocate for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.
Md. Rubaiyath Sarwar is the Managing Director and Lead Consultant of Innovision Consulting Private Limited (Bangladesh) and Innovision Global Consulting Limited (UK). He is also serving as the Chairman of the IFAD funded Value Chain Capacity Building Network (VCBN) for Asia and the Pacific region. Rubaiyath has 17 years of consulting experience on systemic solutions to poverty challenges. He has worked for multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, INGOs and the government agencies working on economic development and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Somalia and Yemen. Rubaiyath completed his BBA and MBA from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka.

The development of the NL - BD Trademission, webinars, matching sessions and trade development 2021-2022 has its origins in the labour of many involved private and public parties. Do you want to be involved as a partner, contributor or founder? There are several roles and contributions possible - both on the Bangladeshi side and on the Dutch side.

See some ICT areas in which Bangladesh excels

Exploring the opportunities in the New- East tech hub is a journey we gladly take together. The tentative planning is globally scheduled as follows:


  • Preparation phase: Q4 2021
  • External communication: Q1 2022
  • participant selection: Q2 2022
  • Virtual sessions: Q2 2022
  • Trademission: Q3 2022
  • Continuation: Q4 2022

    With an expert team of industry specialists we are ready to assist you to explore and guide you in your ict ambitions in any area.

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