Destination BD

The new ICT destination. Read everything about the Trade Mission, preparations and opportunities.

The New-East Technology Destination

We know who we are and where we come from. Now we invite you to take a look deeper into the opportunities Bangladesh has to offer in the ICT industry. Just graduating to a middle income country, but a high -class ICT destination.

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These successful innovators can guide you

Robotics, blockchain, IOT are driving forces of a changing worldwide economy. Do you want to see how students are thought serverless and cloud computing by alumni of the largest companies like Amazon, Adobe, Google and IBM? Look no further and see the spin offs that operate now from Bangladesh. At the same time, creative services such as 3D rendering, Industrial design and Video development. Many of the products you see daily may not come from where you expect them to be from..

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World Class Universities Drive Knowledge

With an outflow of over 1 million students annually from universities like BUET, BRAC, Dhaka University, education stands at a high ground, and students from many countries come to do their masters and research led by fellows from Europe. Tap into the best supply.

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Easy steps to form your own ICT hub

Bangladesh has made foreign investment and the development of backoffices quick, safe and financially attractive. With 80 Tax-free EPZs in and around the country, government investment initiatives and a red-carpet welcome by Bangladesh bureau of foreign investment (BIDA), small to large scale backoffices in many areas can be formed quickly.

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Planning of the Dutch Virtual and Physical Trade Mission

The invitation only ICT trade mission is planned for Q3 2022 but lots of exiting events happen beforehand.

  • Currently

    Scoping the ICT market, universities and invitation of launching partners
  • Nov-Dec 2021

    Prospecting sessions with companies and education institutes
  • Q1 2022

    Webinars and area-specific introduction sessions including virtual matchmaking
  • Q2 2022

    Participants invitation and finalisation of the detailed program. Announcement of mission-lead
  • Q3 2022

    4 to 5 day tour with seminars, ease of doing business, presentations and matching sessions

The current program is not final yet. We will update this page constantly with new information.

Exploring the opportunities in the New- East tech hub is a journey we gladly take together. The tentative planning is globally scheduled as follows:


  • Preparation phase: Q4 2021
  • External communication: Q1 2022
  • participant selection: Q2 2022
  • Virtual sessions: Q2 2022
  • Trademission: Q3 2022
  • Continuation: Q4 2022

    With an expert team of industry specialists we are ready to assist you to explore and guide you in your ict ambitions in any area.

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